About The Conference

Building on their successes, a number of world-class coaches and speakers had consented to deliver an exciting two-day of expertise and experiences to improve coaches, officials, administrator and even athletes knowledge at the 2018 World Bowling Coaching Conference held in conjunction with the 2018 World Men Championships In Hong Kong on November 20 and 21, 2018.

The Conference is jointly organized by Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress and Hong Kong Sports Institute, an elite training centre for Hong Kong junior and senior athletes of the Elite Sports. The Theme of the Conference is "Youth Development and Coaching".

The Conference will focus on creating opportunities for participants to learn, discuss and reflect on the content presented in the two days. The aim is to give them valuable information and skill to put into practice some of the key topics and key messages in the Conference into their own coaching.

The two-day sessions embrace many areas of youth development including how to coach young athletes, Sports Medicine and Sports Science targeted at enhancing performance of young athletes, education on Anti-doping and a series of workshops on the second day afternoon after a tour of the various facilities including a training and research bowling centre offered by the Hong Kong Sports Institute.

The conference is divided into four topics:

  1. Topic 1 - Youth Development
  2. Topic 2 - Sports Psychology for Youth
  3. Topic 3 - Strength and Conditioning for Youth and Seniors
  4. Topic 4 - Anti-Doping
Profiles of Speakers and Presenters
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